Our Superfans - Charles Worthington


We asked our very own superfans about their favourite charles worthington range and how it has helped with their hair confidence.


Favourite range: Thicker & Fuller

Favourite product: Thicker & Fuller Densifying Mousse

Hair concern: Fine, thinning hair


“It really knocks your confidence because you’re used to having your normal hair that you’ve had for thirty years of your life… to all of a sudden going through this enormous hormonal change.

“I know I needed to use something because any HRT wouldn’t immediately reverse any of the hair loss that I experienced, so I started using the Charles Worthington Thicker and Fuller range.”



Favourite range: Grow Strong

Favourite product: Grow Strong Protein Treatment

Hair concern: Coarse, unruly hair


“We are vulnerable to hormonal changes in our lives – for me it came after having my son. 

“Sometimes I’m not always that confident, but since I’ve been using Charles Worthington Grow Strong I feel like I can wear my hair down whenever I want to, and that’s what gives me confidence.”



Favourite range: Moisture Seal

Favourite product: Moisture Seal Rescue Mask

Hair concern: Dry, damaged and broken hair


“The Charles Worthington Moisture Seal range helps my hair look its best, which means I’m feeling my best!

“I’ve particularly been loving the Rescue Mask – it’s my go-to product, my hero product. My sister actually recommended the products to me, she’d noticed that my hair was looking quite dry and broken at the front. Since I’ve used the products I haven’t looked back!”




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